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With landfill space dwindling, finding a cost-effective way to dispose of the mountain of asphalt and concrete waste it generated annually provided the opportunity for Iowa Wall Sawing (IWS) to expand its business. In 2009, IWS launched a concrete and asphalt recycling business, which now recycles 100% of the concrete and asphalt taken from IWS’S work sites.

IWS also provides concrete and asphalt recycling services to other contractors. With its portable crushing unit from Eagle Crusher Co., IWS Crushing can recycle concrete and asphalt on-site or accept clean material at its dumpsite in Independence, Iowa.

In addition to asphalt and concrete, the company can crush rock, brick, cement blocks, landscape retaining walls and other concrete products. The benefit of on-site crushing is that contractors can re-use the material on-site as stone base for new roads, parking lots, driveways, walkways and other asphalt and concrete surfaces, thus reducing the cost of re-paving projects.

IWS’s screen plant can develop multiple product sizes at one time on site! As part of our commitment to recycling and diminishing landfill waste, we crush concrete and asphalt construction and demolition waste and use the screen plant to size it to produce site usable products on commercial and industrial locations.

For materials that can not be recycled we also offer a dumpster rental service for the construction, home improvement, landscaping or simple clean-out projects that generate a lot waste every year.

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IWS Floor Scrapers

Our machinery is battery operated for indoor operation without harmful emissions. We use a compact unit making it suitable for commercial, light industrial, retail and residential job sites. It fits easily through doorways, into tight areas and is light enough for standard elevators.

Our scraping service will easily remove:

  • Rubber and elastomeric coatings
  • Carpet, ceramic tile, and VCT
  • Thin-set mortar and mastics,
  • Epoxy, adhesives, wood and more

Diamond grinding

480v electric powered walk behind grinders operate without harmful emissions.

Our grinding service can easily:

  • Removes old coatings & adhesives
  • Levels high spots
  • Preps floor for new coatings
  • Resurfaces floors
  • Repair curled joints
  • Repair new pours caught in rain
Concrete Scarification, Plaining & Leveling

Scarification is used to grind high spots off concrete and remove tough flooring systems, including epoxy surfaces and urethane elastomeric systems.

Typical Scarification/Plaining Applications:
  • Epoxy
  • Mastics
  • Concrete
  • Paint
  • Epoxy Line Removal
  • Inlay Traffic Lines

IWS also has Concrete plainer that is customizable to mill grooves from ¼” wide to unlimited widths. This is used often to recess steel channel into factory floors for our client’s processes.